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Jeng, Ming-Luen
Jeng, Ming-Luen - Associate Curator & Chair
  • Biology Department, Entomology Division
  • jengml@nmns.edu.tw


Ph.D. University of Kansas (2008)
'Comprehensive phylogenetics, classification, and evolution of neoteny in fireflies (Coleoptera: Lampyridae)' (honored thesis)


My primary interest is the very diverse order Coleoptera. Much of my early work was on the classification of riffle beetle families such as Elmidae and Psephenidae. Since the last decade, more emphasis has been put on Lampyridae (fireflies, lightning bugs) and a closely related family, Rhagophthalmidae. Special interests are on the biodiversity, ecological behaviour, and evolution of fireflies. The general goal of my research is to develop phylogenetic systematics of the subordinate taxa (genus to subfamily) of Lampyridae, and to study the bioluminescent traits and their significance to natural and sexual selections.

Taiwan is blessed by its rich firefly fauna. Some 60 species in 12 genera are known to the island and they are also diverse in ecology and behaviour. They provide a rich source of potential for ecological and evolutionary research. Establishing interdisciplinary cooperations from nationwide and worldwide are fundamental to achieve our research objectives.

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