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Hsu, Mei-Jung
Hsu, Mei-Jung - Assistant Curator
  • Collection and Information Department
  • jessica@mail.nmns.edu.tw


1997 City University MA Museum and Gallery Management


I entered the Collection Management Department in July 1998. It is the first significant step for me to become involved in both the practice and theory of museology. As we know, the museum idea originates from the human instinct to collect, 'how to make the best effort to acquire, maintain and utilize collections for later generations'is a big issue for museum to address. With the growing quantities of specimens, the Collection Management Department has expanded its function from a Registrar's Office into a collection information provider. It is also the support center and control work related matters in this museum. Due to the integrated management system we have, there are numerous letters and visitors from worldwide to consult.
My main tasks include specimen inventory checking, collection work review, shipping consignment, customs declaration, insurance, storage-visiting arranging and collection work negotiation and coordination, etc. In addition, I used to be an assistant editor of Bulletin of NMNS, the museum's annual journal and I have been involved in organising the 921 Earthquake Education Museum project in 2001. I was the book review editor of Museology Quarterly and I was also responsible for museum and international cooperation matters.
My research is based on the theory and practice of museum collections. It relates to museum objects, facilities, the environment of storage and exhibit rooms, risk management and also communicate with managers and users. Therefore, museology and museography are my research focus.

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