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Jing-Fu Tsai
Jing-Fu Tsai - Associate Curator & Manager
  • Collection and Information Department
  • jingfu.tsai@nmns.edu.tw


2011 Ph.D. (Entomology), National Chung Hsing University
2003 M.Sc. (Entomology), National Chung Hsing University
2001 B.Sc. (Entomology), National Chung Hsing University


2022.8-present Associate Curator, Biology Dept./ section chief of Collection Management & Information Dept., National Museum of Natural Science
2017.8-2022.7 Assistant Curator & Collection Manager of Entomology, Biology Dept., National Museum of Natural Science
2016.1-2017.7 Curatorial Assistant, Biology Dept., National Museum of Natural Science
2013.6–2015.12 Postdoctoral fellow, Systematic Entomology, Hokkaido University (JSPS Award)


My research mainly concerns the true bugs (Heteroptera). As my PhD topic I surveyed the morphology of male genitalia in Pentatomoidea using comparative morphology, with special reference to their phylogenetic significance, re-consideration of the systematic position and their monophyly of each currently-defined family. I have studied taxonomy and zoogeography on various groups of Pentatomoidea in the Oriental region and Taiwan. I also have been working on the molecular systematics of Acanthosomatidae and the evolution of maternal care. Except for my major research on the systematics of Heteroptera, I am specialized in the taxonomy of coprophagous beetles of Taiwan. I also expanded my interests to the invasive biology, such as the introduced bug species of agricultural and quarantine importance. I will continue my previous studies and develop the following topics: functional morphology, genus-level taxonomic revision, phylogenetics, biogeography, maternal care, DNA barcoding database, and invasive biology.

2022/12/16 Updated