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Chang, Chun-Hsiang
Chang, Chun-Hsiang - Curator
  • Geology Department, Paleontology Division
  • cch@mail.nmns.edu.tw


Ph.D. Department of Biology, University College London, University of London


As an Assistant Curator in the Department of Geology at National Museum of Natural Science, I am in charge of collection, management and research of mammalian fossils. Also, I am responsible for training the instructors who give walk tours in the museum, and giving public speeches on the mammal characters and evolution to the audience. Additionally, I am involved in several special exhibitions, particularly on the topics of paleontology.
I am interested in morphology, function, distribution, systematics and evolution of mammals in the Quaternary. Among above, I am particularly interested in teeth remains of elephants. As they are, generally, well preserved and show great morphological variation in different species of mammals. Recently, I have focused on the microstructure of enamel in Mammalian teeth and the diet analysis from opal phytoliths in tooth calculus. My research is based on the fossil collection from museums and the field study. After I complete my Ph.D. program at UCL, University of London, UK, I would like to continue exploring the evolutionary of Quaternary mammals, and organize international research collaboration both in Asia and in Europe to integrate diversified information into a mammal fossil story in an exhibition of the museum.

2022/12/16 Updated