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Open Hours


Museum hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Ticket offices are open from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
No entry after 5:00 pm


The museum is closed on Mondays.
If Monday is a national holiday, the museum will be open.
// 2024 Monday Exceptional Openings: 1/1, 2/12 & 6/10

Additional closures are as announced.

Open Hours and Local Weather Forecast of the next 7 days
Visitor Guidelines

To maintain the good quality of visit, please cooperate with the following items:

Appropriate attire is required for entry.

Smoking is completely prohibited in the Museum.

No eating, chewing gum and betel nuts are allowed in the exhibition halls and theaters. Please go to our restaurants or designated areas for eating.

Please do not make loud noise, push, run, lie down on chairs, and drop trash with abandon.

Please do not bring pets (except guide dogs) and dangerous goods into the Museum.

All visitors who have preferential admission fees are requested to show valid certificates when entering the Museum. Those who do not carry valid certificates will not be given any   discount.

  • Do not enter and take photos while the film playing in the Space Theater and the 3D Theater without the permission of the museum staff.
  • Unless specially marked, photography and flash light are allowed in the museum. However, the photos and films cannot be used for any commercial or publishing purposes. In such circumstances, application is required in advance.

There are lockers at the entrance of Human Cultures Hall and the information center of Life Science Hall. Please take valuable objects with yourselves.

Please use the hands-on exhibits according to the operation instructions.

Anyone who climbs, damages, steals flowers and trees, damages lawns, exhibits or facilities may file a criminal damage notice and claim civil damages.

In order to maintain a good quality of visit, the maximum number of visitors to the Tropical Rainforest Greenhouse of the Botanical Garden is 300 people. Please cooperate with the arrangement of our staff.

Children under 6 years old need to be accompanied by adults. Children aged 6 to 12 are advised to be accompanied by adults. The accompanying adults should pay attention to children's safety at all times.

For other matters, please refer to the "Guidelines for the  Management of National Museum of Natural Science".

2024/02/19 Updated